The Best Tactical Pen for Self Defense: Buyer's Guide

That is not all pens can do. At least not when tactical pens are involved. A tactical pen can be the last thing to save you from a life threatening situation. They come in different shapes and sizes to meet different individual tastes and preferences.
These pens, given their varying specs, also come in varying prices. Make sure your budget can sufficiently cover the expense associated with acquiring a piece of your choice.
Tactical pens on the cheaper end may not have advanced features found on high end pieces. In fact, you will find that they are made of plastic rather than the more expensive aircraft aluminium.
That, however, does not devalue their performance by any significant factor.
Such an essential tool does not deserve to be mentioned in passing. It deserves a detailed highlight that points out its features and compares it to the likes to ensure you get the most befitting survival pen.

Why tactical pens?

  • They are small enough to carry around without the awkward feeling of cumbersomeness often associated with tactical tools.
  • Tactical pens are multipurpose. You can use them to write, break glass, defend yourself against an advancing enemy, etc.
  • Survival tactical pens are not only beautifully designed but also made of durable elements.
  • They are very affordable and unlike other ordinary pens, they do not become useless when the ink runs out.


Let’s now look at the top 5 best tactical pens to buy for personal use

1. Cold Steel Pocket Shark: The best tactical pen under $10


The “Pocket Shark” belongs to the lower spectrum of tactical pens (price wise). If you are not very observant, you may mistake it for a marker pen.
In fact, it is designed to look like a marker pen. You can use this pen as a Japanese Yawara stick for self-defense if you don’t mind the size because it is slightly on the higher side over the half foot mark.
The cap securely screws on the tip so it does not come off during combat.


  • Length: 6.5 inches
  • Thickness: 1 inch
  • Ink Color: Black
  • Pen type: Felt pen (permanent marker)
  • Material: High-impact plastic
  • Weight: .8 ounces

2. PK-TPE-BK Tactical Pen: Best High-end Tactical Pen



If you are looking for a well-designed high-end tactical pen, then PK-TPE-BK it is. This sculpted pen oozes artistic beauty in an aircraft grade aluminium material.
It is light and easy to handle with a screw on cap for maximum security. Its defensive end is pointed to maximize effect when used on the pressure point of the attacker in a combat.
The pen uses Fisher space-pen cartridge, which makes it suitable to use in a wide range of temperatures, gravity (or no gravity) and at any angle.


  • Length: 5.7 inches
  • Thickness: .5 inches
  • Ink Color: Black
  • Pen type: Ballpoint
  • Material: Aerospace Aluminum
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces

3. UZI UZI-TACPEN2-BK Tactical Pen with Glass Breaker

Uzi Uzi tactical pen is made of military aircraft aluminum for maximum strength and durability. As with any other tactical pen, it has a pointed tip to concentrate force upon impact. It is useful for breaking glass when you are trapped inside a car or a burning house.
The designers did a great job with the design. It is easy to hold and offers a firm grip.
The cartridge uses a twist and turn technology (rather than a spring) making it one of the sturdiest tactical pens I have ever seen. The pen is extremely user friendly and efficient due to the minimal moving parts.
This is simply the best tactical pen to buy when your budget is constrained.


  • Length: 6.6 inches
  • Thickness: .9 inches
  • Ink Color: Black
  • Pen type: Ballpoint
  • Material: Aircraft Aluminum
  • Weight: 2.1 ounces

4. Smith & Wesson Military Grade Tactical Pen


Smith and Wesson tactical pen is made by a gun manufacturer, Smith and Wesson. The pen is not only a beauty but is also a sturdy partner.
It offers a great writing experience and the pointed non-writing side doubles up as a stylus for a touch screen. The clip offers a firm grip to avoid losing it when you are walking. You can also use the clip to attach the pen to your keys.
It is made of aircraft grade aluminium material for maximum durability.


  • Length: 6.1 inches
  • Thickness: .8 inch
  • Ink Color: Black
  • Pen type: Ballpoint
  • Material: Aircraft Aluminium
  • Weight: 1.4 ounces

5. ProMag Archangel Defense Pen: Light Weight and Ergonomic


The ProMag “Archangel” is designed to hold under extreme conditions, and comes with a lifetime replacement warranty.
Even though it is made of plastic, the quality of the plastic material used is not to be underrated by any means. The ink cartridge is pressurized for the best writing experience. Refills are available in case it runs out of ink.
This en also has minimal movable parts to reduce chances of breakdown. It looks great in the office and out in the streets where you may need to use it for self-defense when confronted with a combative situation.


  • Length: 5.5 inches
  • Thickness: 1 inch
  • Ink Color: Black
  • Pen type: Ballpoint
  • Material: High-density plastic
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces

How to Buy the Best Tactical Pen: Buyers Guide

What do you look for when shopping for a tactical pen?

There are a few common things users desire in a tactical pen. We will highlight them here so that you are not clueless the next time you are shopping for a tactical pen.

1.      Weight of the pen 

Here is where preference plays a key role on the type of pen you will buy. Heavier pens may offer you an edge when in a combative situation but they may be cumbersome that lighter pens.

2.      The material used to make the pen 

Manufacturers of tactical pens may choose to make their pens out of different material. This choice can be influenced by various factors including but not limited to cost of production and prestige.
The materials most preferred include:
  • Stainless Steel: make the strongest tactical pens you will find in the market. They are also the heaviest, which may be their only misgiving.
  • Aircraft Aluminum: preferred for brands that desire strength but want the pen to remain as light as possible. Most tactical pens are made of this material.
  • High-Impact Plastic: mostly used on the low end tactical pens. They can take a beating but may not compare to the metallic counterparts.

3.      Type of ink cartridge the pen uses

Different tactical pens use different types of ink, each of which come under a different brand name. There are even tactical pens that use fountain inks and have a specialized ink dispersal system.
The most common types of ink cartridges you can find in a tactical pen include:
  • Fischer Space Pen: The cartridge used in the most high-end tactical pens. You can use these tactical pens under any conditions because they hold very well. He pen can write under a diverse range of temperatures (from the negative temperatures on one extreme and very high temperatures on the positive extremes.
  • Parker-style gel ballpoint: Uses a ball-point pen type of ink cartridge but uses a smoother gel ink, which is easier to use. You can also replace the ink when it runs out.
  • Parker-style ballpoint: Most tactical pens use this type of ink cartridges. It is cheap and doesn’t hold well when you subject the pen under extreme conditions of use. You can always replace the cartridge when the ink runs out.

4.      Easy to camouflage 

If you want to take your attacker by surprise, you need a tactical pen that easily passes as a normal writing pen. Other tactical pens are not easy to conceal and may alert your would-be attacker before advancing on you.

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