40+ Health & Fitness Blogs & Magazines That Accept Guest Posts

Health is wealth. Everyone wants to have a healthy life and as such, people are always looking for information to achieve their desires. If you are a health and fitness enthusiast, here is a list of health and fitness blogs and magazines that accept guest posts where you can send your article pitches.

Being featured in a few of them could just be the game changing moment you have been waiting for. The exposure you will get will be sufficient to give you enough referrals for adequate income generating opportunities. You could get speaking gigs or even sign a contract for your best-selling title.

Additionally, you will get explosive traffic to your blog as a result of high quality backlinks, which you can customize for better returns. Scour through this list for the perfect opportunity and start sending your pitches.

Always remember to produce your best work for the guest post; you do not want to portray yourself as a bogus professional.

Here's the list of health and fitness blogs and magazines that accept guest posts


1. SelfGrowth.com

You must earn the trust of the editor before your article can be published here. They have strict criteria for vetting their writers. In fact, they only work with designated Trusted Authors.

Follow the publication for some time to familiarize yourself with their style. Once you are confident enough to comply with their requirements, send your pitch to the editor. Include three samples.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.


2. The American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS) Blog

ACHS blog publishes articles about holistic health and wellbeing.

They accept contributions from all spectrum of writers including established professionals and even students who have some experience in the health industry.

They pay $50 per post and their posts range from 600 to 1000 words long.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.


3. The Change Blog

They accept only original posts not published elsewhere and they own all the digital rights to anything published on their site.

Read their submission guidelines and recent publications before sending your pitch. When they accept your pitch, they allow you to include up to two links in the body of your article.

Use "Guest Post Submission" as your email subject.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.


4. Vibrant Life

This Christian magazine publishes family-based health articles. The magazine comes out bi-monthly and they are looking for articles that are engaging and educative.

Read the past publications for an idea of what makes it to the press before you start writing.

They also publish food and nutrition articles, especially articles that will help families improve their nutrition and lifestyle.

They pay $100 - $300 for every article that makes it to the press.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.


5. Wellbeing

Wellbeing is an Australian publication that prides itself in offering a holistic approach to health. They cover health issues, sustainability, physical fitness, and spiritual stability.

The articles are not only educative but also entertaining and packed with a lot of powerful empowerment. is an Australian publication about holistic health, sustainability, and spirituality.

They seek both long pieces (up to 2500 words long) that attract up to AU$700 and shorter pieces (up to 1000 words) for which they pay AU$150.

Articles with photographs will fetch you AU$750 and special reports AU$1700

Homepage. Submit.


6. Recreation News

Recreation News focuses on leisure for government employees in Washington Metropolitan area.

They share destination stories and picnic sites, as well as other recreational facilities that you can find within the vicinity of their geographical area.

A well-crafted feature article can attract up to $300.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.


7. Fitness-Health-Wellness.com

If there is one thing that must stand out from your article, it should be its ability to engage the readers. They have a specific style and tone, to which you must adhere.

Write original piece and send to the editors through the submission form for review.

Homepage. Submit.


8. Healthy Wealthy n Wise

They require that you should adhere to their terms and conditions before they accept to work with you.

Read the previous publications and write a unique article, which you should submit through the submission form. Attach a relevant image as well.

Homepage. Submit.


9. YegFitness

You must be well versed in current affairs around the health and fitness circles to produce constructive pieces for this publication.

Read their previous publications to familiarize yourself with their style before sending you pitch to the editor.

All posts with links must be marked as sponsored posts. Read and comply with all the submission guidelines.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.


10. Psych Central

If you have an interest in mental health issues, you must look at this publication. They have been around for the longest time if available records are anything to depend on.

Read their recent publications and create an article that can benefit a general reader.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.


11. HealthResource4U

Be prepared to write not less than 1000 words article related to health and fitness. It must be original, informative, and engaging.

Read their recent publications before sending your pitch. Your article should meet the publication’s standards.

Homepage. Submit.


12. Revitalise Your Health

Read the blog’s past publications and follow it for some time to give you ample time to familiarize yourself with their style. Read their submission guidelines before sending your pitch.

Write an original article from your perspective. You can include two backlinks to your blog in the article.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.


13. Top.me

This publication caters to the need of fitness enthusiasts and your article should target anything but that. They expect high quality 800 – 3000 word write-ups for publication; they will only publish the best article.

Homepage. Submit.


14. The Master Cleanse

To contribute here, first familiarize yourself with type of articles they want. Once you are familiar with their tone and style, observe the trend and see what kind of articles they are currently rolling out.

Develop your article idea and send your pitch to the editor after reading their submission guidelines.

Homepage. Submit.


15. Hive Health Media

They only publish articles written by contributors. To be a contributor, you have to register for an account, which they have to approve and upgrade before you can write.

Once you have an approved account, you need to write an original article (no syndication/re-purposed/re-written article). Make sure you have written their submission guidelines and you are familiar with their style.

Homepage. Submit.


16. Science-Based Medicine

This publication accepts only scientifically approved facts, so, you better do your research before setting to write. Read their recent publications before submitting your query.

They allow writers to republish the articles after one week after publication.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.


17. Lift for Life

Reputation of this publication is proven. They are among the oldest publications dedicated to natural wellbeing and physical fitness.

You should read their previous articles to familiarize yourself with their style. Read their guidelines to ensure that you follow the correct format.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.


18. Fitness 101

Fitness 101 publishes articles related to exercise, training, sporting, and general well-being. You should read their previous publications to familiarize with their style.

Write an article that complies with all their submission guidelines and pitch the editor via email.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.


19. One Fitness Camp

They publish fitness tips. When you pitch them, they need to know in prior the number of links you will include in your article. Read their submission guidelines and recent publications to familiarize yourself with their tone and style.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.


20. Natural News

Natural News has wide base of readers who receive daily newsletter notifications. Each newsletter curates selected articles.

When you write for this publication, familiarize yourself with their style to help you achieve consistency. They will publish only the best article.

Due to their wide reach, getting published here will be a great opportunity to set your work before hundreds of thousands of eyes.

Homepage. Submit.


21. Health on a Budget

First, read the previous posts to have an idea of what posts are accepted here. Read their submission guidelines and write a high quality original post that complies with all their requirements.

They have specific formatting guidelines and article length requirements (at least 750 words long).

Homepage. Submit.


22. Crossfit Journal

Crossfit Journal is all about functional fitness. It curates resources for coaches, trainers, athletes, and researchers as well as offering an open and dedicated forum where they can discuss and share ideas about fitness.

They expect long form articles ranging from 1500 to 3500 words long. Make sure your article is original and well written.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.


23. Gym Free Fitness

Read their previous publications to identify the type of articles they publish. Read their publication guidelines to ensure compliance.

They allow inclusion of images and videos in the articles if they are relevant to the topic. You can also include one link in your bio.

The editors will review your submission before making a decision whether to publish or not. They have open and close periods, so, be on the lookout.

Homepage. Submit.


24. Cure Today

This platform is dedicated to sharing articles about recent research findings about health. Cure Today Magazine publishes factual articles backed with scientific data.

Read their submission guidelines and previous publications to familiarize with their style. Write in a formal tone. Your article should be at least 700 words long.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.


25. Men's Health

Majority of the articles published here come from freelance writers. You can write articles on grooming, reproductive/sexual health, and general well-being.

Read their recent publications and fire your pitch to the editor after reading the submission guidelines.

Homepage. Masthead.


26. The Aquarian

The Aquarian is a Canadian publication dedicated to sharing articles on health, environment, and spiritual wellness.

After reading their previous publications, follow their submission guidelines to create a well-researched article that not only enlightens but also entertains in an inspirational way.

They pay up to $100 for articles published in their print version.

Homepage. Submit.


27. Arthritis Today

Arthritis Today is published by the Arthritis Foundation and it shares stories and information about arthritis. It caters to the need of people living with arthritis or arthritis-related conditions.

They prefer well-written articles from seasoned writers who have worked with notable publications. However, there are exceptions for people living with arthritis.

Articles normally range from 1000 to 4000 words long.

Homepage. Submit.


28. Austin Fit

Austin Fit Magazine publishes articles about healthy living that is read by locals. After reading their previous publications, you will realize that they prefer properly researched articles that have a local value proposition.

Send a query to the editor before setting to write because they do not accept unsolicited submissions.

Homepage. Submit.


29. Boxlife Magazine

Boxlife Magazine is looking for article contributors to write about Crossfit and paleo lifestyle. You can choose to write about mental health, nutrition, weight training, and physical well-being.

Read their recent publications and submission guidelines to help you comply with their requirements. Create an excellent piece for your submission.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.


30. Caregiver's Home

This publication is dedicated to helping caregivers from all around the world improve the quality of their services. Read their submission guidelines and create a sterling 1000 word piece that will add value to the readership.

They pay $100 per article.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.


31. Mother Earth Living

Mother Earth Living has a premium cadre of readers who know what they want. They expect a particularly high standard of writing.

You can pitch the editor with your article idea after reading a subsection that interest you most.

You can choose to write for Garden, Food, Home, or Health section. It helps a lot if you have a demonstrable expertise in your field.

Homepage. Submit.


32. Chatelaine

Chatelaine is a Canadian magazine covering health, beauty, and everything in between. You can write guides, briefs, and featured articles.

Read their submission guidelines before writing your guest post. They pay $1 per word for seasonal articles, which may have up to six month’s lead-time.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.


33. Radish

Radish Magazine publishes health and wellness articles with a heavy inclination to food and nutrition. It is a regional magazine covering the areas of Iowa/Illinois border region.

If you have a recipe or food and nutrition tip that can help readers improve their health, you should contact the editor to see if you can get an opportunity to contribute to Radish.

They pay between $50 and $150 per post.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.


34. Eating Well

Do you love to write about food? This might just be the publication you have been looking for. Eating Well Magazine publishes articles about healthy eating, nutrition, cooking, and a plethora of other subjects about food.

New writers need to introduce themselves before the editors can accept to work with them. Their pay is very good ($1 per word).

Homepage. Submit. Contact.


35. Experience Life

This publication is read by well-informed, readers with good education and excellent grasp of issues under discussion.

They are looking for contributors to write about health and fitness. Read their guidelines and create a comprehensive article ranging from 2500 to 3500 words for their feature section.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.


37. Fitness Magazine

Fitness Magazine is all about fitness. Share your articles about fitness tips, general wellness, nutrition, healthy eating, and even recipes.

Read their previous publications to familiarize with their style before creating your pitch and sending it to the editor.

Make sure your article is in sync with the publication’s theme before sending your pitch.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.


38. The Health Journal

The Health Journal publishes articles about health. Contributors should write compelling pieces that will engage the readers and encourage dialogue.

Read their submission guidelines to comply. They pay $0.15 per word for the articles they publish.

Homepage. Submit.


39. Idea Fit

If you are a health professional looking to share your professional tips with peers, this is the publication that should publicize your voice.

Share tips that will help those working in the health and fitness industry to improve their performance and grow their businesses.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.


40. Inside Fitness

Inside Fitness is dedicated to sharing articles about health, fitness, and general wellness. Read their submission guidelines to comply with their requirements.

After familiarizing yourself with their style by going through recent publications.

Settle on your topic and send your pitch to the editor.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.


41. Men's Fitness

This Australian men’s health and fitness magazine is looking for guest writers. You should read their frequently asked questions to know what/who they are looking for.

Read their recent publications to familiarize yourself with their style before sending your pitch to the editor.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.


42. Diabetes Health

Diabetes Health Magazine caters to people living with diabetes and their caregivers. They share research findings, developments, news and other information related to diabetics and diabetes.

You can share personal essays as well as other medical tips of benefit to the readership.

Homepage. Masthead.


43. Spirituality and Health

You can submit personal essays on topics about health and spirituality. Other topics like cooking, recipes, guides, and narrative journalism are also accepted.

Read their recent publications and produce a stellar piece that abides by their guidelines. Include all the information in the body of the email. Do not send attachments.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.


44. Well-Being Secrets

WBS caters to the needs of youthful women aged between 18 and 35. They need contributions from freelancers who are passionate about health and are willing to share their expertise with the readers.

All the articles written for this publication should be backed by data from reputable publications. They expect an in-depth analysis of the topic you are writing about (at least 2000 words).

Please read the recent posts to see the kind of articles they do before sending your pitch. When you are ready with your article idea, pitch it to Helen via the provided contacts. Be meticulous.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.


45. CareKees

This blog is keen to hear from health bloggers with an interest and experience in writing about beauty and health.

Before submitting a guest post, pitch one of the main editors with your ideas. Jeff says they will answer you within 24 hours.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.


I hope this list of health and fitness blogs and magazines that accept guest posts will help you find opportunities and start building your career.

Happy guest blogging.

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