The Funniest Review of Veet Hair Removal Cream on Amazon - Ever!

Veet hair removal cream for men has become a butt of all jokes on Amazon and all for the most ridiculous reasons.

Many users have left funny veet reviews on Amazon about their experience in using the cream. One user in what I can call the most hilarious veet review on amazon sums up the experience in this comical sentence. He says "veet removes hair, dignity, and self respect."

Many have relayed mixed reactions of both ecstatic results as well as agonizing ordeals.

I am interested in the latter. I have had a rib cracking experience going through some of the reviews left by users on Amazon.

The review section of this cream has become a comedic arena where reviewers are trying to outdo each other in relaying their experience.

They use some of the most flowery words you might have not come across in a while.

To begin with, I have to warn you that you might run out of breath. Be prepared for a good laugh.

The product manufacturers specify that the cream should not be used on the genitals, perianal, face, or scalp. Some of the reviewers did just that and their experience is worth your five minutes reliving.

One specific review by a user named Chappell has remained the most commented to date. Look at the preview in the screenshot below. Click on the image to read more.

funny customer review veet
Not to be outdone, another customer describes how he was impressed with the results he achieved with his facial hair that he got tempted to apply it in his nether regions. 
The results were impressive. He found himself singing an opera without going for a training. See the preview in the screenshot below. Click on the image to read the full review.
hilarious veet review
This other user by the name PYGMUS describes the experience as "calm before the storm." After applying it generously on his privates, he got seered and decided to wash it off. 
To his horror, the pain disappeared and left him numbed down there. He was left wondering if his members died in the process.
funny veet customer review
I personally use veet from time to time and my experience is nothing near what these guys underwent. 
To me, veet is supposed to remove hair and it does that perfectly. 
However, it leaves me smelling like a battery manufacturing factory. That bit I don't like.

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