This Guy Works for 6 Months Then Spends the Other Six Traveling the World on a Bicycle for $1 a Day

He calls himself Ultra Romance on Instagram and he loves to do as little as possible. He is in his thirties, the prime of his life, and he prefers to spend that time doing something useful, like traveling the world and discovering new things. His home is in Connecticut and he keeps more than 20 bikes in his parent's basement.

That is why he works for only six months a year and then spends the other six traveling the world on a bicycle. He says he has never lived in one place for more than six months. He prefers to concentrate his work on one part of the year and free up the other part for leisure.

His inspiration?

He says he is not wired for the hustle of modern life even though he loves some of its conveniences like Instagram and stuff. He also sells bicycle parts online.

His profession he says is fishing. He does commercial fishing and guiding fishermen on expeditions. Whatever he earns from his half yer work he spends travelling the world and discovering new things.

He prefers to live on the cheap spending only $1 per day

He likes to live on the cheap. He says he spends only $1 per day and he does not keep his money in the bank. In fact, he only opened a bank account to enable him buy and sell bicycle parts online. The rest of his money he prefers to keep in a small bags and bury them in the ground. He eliminated all bills and associated paperwork because they were stressing him so much.

He says money is a stressful subject hence he prefers not to count his. Provided he still has something in the bag he buries under the ground, he knows he is doing it right. Having studied nutrition in college, he prefers to eat for nutrition and not for the taste of food. Yogurt is his staple. Fruits he can find whenever he needs them, he says. He also forage for seaweeds when he is at the coast to supplement his nutritional needs.

His parents are supportive and happy for him

Ultra Romance says he grew up different from other people. His parents never told him he could not do anything and that is why everything he does is a success to him. And his parent are happy for him.

He prefers to sleep outside when he travels. In fact, he just loves outdoors. His travel kit is stripped down to the bare essentials. He has learnt to understand what he can do and what he cannot. He has learnt what his body can withstand and what is beyond his capacity. He does not hold on to one thing for long. he just prefers to do something and move on.

People are wired to have more leisure time, he says

Being a student of history, he disputes the life of struggle that people have normalized. He says we are not naturally wired to work all the time. He argues that people in the hunter-gatherer age spent only nine hours per week to gather the supplies to take them for a whole week. The rest of the time was then freed up for leisure. This, he says, should be the life that people aspire to live. It is more natural that way.

You can follow him on Instagram and read his Tumblr.

This story first appeared on Business Insider.

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