Christian Blogs & Magazines That Accept Guest Posts

Christian bloggers may find it a little challenging to find publications to pitch when they are looking for Christian blogs that accept guest posts. This is especially the case when you are strictly following the moral code and you want to be associated with a publication that advances your ideologies/belief.

Share your testimonies, devotions, and other stories with the right audience who believe in your cause. Reach a wider audience with an authority backing and sound profile. Let the world know why you stand for your faith. Find your most preferred publication below and start pitching.


1. Redeeming God

If you love theology and discussing biblical things, you should consider putting your content in front of thousands of eager eyes. Your topic should address issues that affect people’s everyday lives, and/or share personal testimonies.

Homepage. Submit.


2. Providence

Providence publishes articles that talk about Christianity and national security, politics, and foreign policy. Read their past publications to familiarize with their tone, style, and trends. They pay $100 for 500+ words articles, $ 250 for book reviews, and $ 500 - $ 1000 for essays and features.

Homepage. Submit.


3. Liguorian Magazine

This Catholic magazine publishes articles, fiction, and personal essays. Read the site to get the gist of the type of publications they accept. They pay between $0.12 and $0.17 per word.

Homepage. Submit.


4. Arabah Joy

This is a parenting-oriented blog that is looking for practical parenting tips from guest writers. They provide topics in their guidelines page and require that each submission be between 500 and 700 words long. Go through the topics and then write and email your article for consideration.

Homepage. Submit. Email.


5. Gospel Blog

First, you must register for an account to have a chance at being feature here. The publication shares stories about mission and evangelism. You should understand their faith and abide by their publication guidelines.

Homepage. Submit.


6. Clubhouse Magazine

This publication publishes children’s stories and nonfiction. If you know about a child who does extra ordinary things, you can write the story and submit it to this magazine. You can also write humor and interviews with influential or Christians of repute. They pay upwards of $ 200 per story and $ 150+ for nonfiction.

Homepage. Submit.


7. Before the Cross

They are looking for guest posts from writers with some online presence (substantial reader base). Write an article that is in line with their topics and make sure it is unique. Include the number of your fans in the email when submitting your article.

Homepage. Submit. Email.


8. Charisma Magazine

Charisma Magazine is looking for high-quality research-based articles that abide by their article guidelines. The article you submit should be properly edited, otherwise they will not accept it. Remember to include your bio and byline when submitting your article.

Homepage. Submit.


9. The Catholic Digest

This is a lifestyle magazine for Catholics. They accept a large variety of articles including testimony and personal essays. They have many categories under which you can consider submitting your post.

Homepage. Contact.


10. The Christian Century

They will consider unique guest post queries for the group blog. Outstanding articles may be considered for publication in the Century Magazine. Read and comply with all their submission guidelines.

Homepage. Submit. Email.


11. The Life

The Life is looking for compassionate articles that deliver the required devotion to help the reader surmount daily challenges. Your article should be able to touch the heart of others by emulating how Jesus would do it.

Homepage. Submit. Email.


12. David Cook

They accept manuscripts for writers who are looking forward to being published. They do not accept unsolicited manuscripts though. You should consider sending your manuscript through a literary agent or as a response to open invitations during writers' conferences.

Homepage. Submit.


13. The Lookout

The Lookout Magazine is a general Christian magazine that publishes articles addressing current issues of notable concern. Pitch the editor if you feel your article is substantial enough to feature here. They pay up to $ 150 per article, which should not exceed 400 words.

Homepage. Submit.


14. Intervarsity

Read the recent posts to get an idea of what kind of posts they expect. Read their submission guidelines and email the editor for additional details on how to get started.

Homepage. Submit. Email.


15. Crosswalk

Generally, Crosswalk does not accept guest posts but they can consider your submission if you send them links to your published articles. Of course, they have the discretion to either accept or reject your submission. It does not hurt to try.

Homepage. Submit.


16. Eureka Street

An Australian publication by the Australian Jesuit Society that publishes articles touching on ethics, politics, religion, and even pop culture. They also accommodate both fiction and nonfiction stories as well. Payment is $ 200 per article.

Homepage. Submit.


17. Paul Sohn

Submit original Christian-based articles to this publication for consideration. It should be unique and unpublished elsewhere (in print, digital, or any other format).

Submit your article via email as an attachment and include the number of your readers.

Homepage. Submit.


18. LIVE Magazine

If you love and can write stories that put biblical principles into practical action, you should consider pitching LIVE.  Even though they do accept both fiction and non-fiction articles, there is an exception.

They do not accept bible fiction and science fiction stories. You can also share tips and explainer articles. Payment is about $ 0.07 to $ 0.1 per word.

Homepage. Submit.


19. OurChurch.Com

To guest post for this blog, you need to register with the site. The blog is open for the tech savvy Christians who are unafraid to weave the word of God in tech. Read their guidelines before submitting your properly edited article for consideration.

Homepage. Submit.


20. Guideposts

Do you have an inspirational story to share? Have you surmounted a challenging situation and would like to testify? Please put your lessons in an article and pitch Guideposts. They pay upwards of $ 250 per story.

Homepage. Submit.


21. Premier Christianity

After reading the recent articles, you will familiarize with their style. Draft your article idea and you’re your pitch to the editor for consideration.

Homepage. Submit. Email.


22. Thriving Family

Thriving Family publishes practical parenting ideas for bringing up kids in a holistic way. Read their digital edition and subscribe to the publication to familiarize with their style and storylines. More details are available in their submission guidelines page.

Homepage. Submit.


23. Women of the ELCA

This magazine focuses on stories about practical evangelism, theology, and devotionals. It is widely read by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) members and has 10 issues a year.

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24. Salvo

Salvo focuses on stories about the society, science, sex and sex-related issues such as fallacious ideologies. You should first read the publication and learn everything about them.

After that, you can pitch the editor with your subject (you should have some relevant expertise on the subject) to see if it will fit with the publication’s current needs. They pay $ 0.20 per word.

Homepage. Submit.


25. EFCA Today

This is a publication of the Evangelical Free Church of America. They seek stories that inspire, teach, and challenge to live more holistically. Pitch the editor with your article idea after reading the publication and guidelines. They pay 25 cents per word.

Homepage. Submit.


26. Guide Magazine

This magazine focuses on youngsters who are just transiting their late pre-tens into early teens.  It shares true stories of adventure, personal growth, humor from a Christian perspective, and biographies.

They also have an interesting series publication that consist of up to 12 chapters per series (each chapter has an average of 1200 words. Payment is $ 24 - to $ 40 for first serial rights.

Homepage. Submit.


27. The War Cry

The War Cry is a publication by the Salvation Army that has been in existence for over 100 years. They accept pitches from freelancers and pay $ 0.35 per word for original, never published work.

They also republish interesting articles for which they pay $ 0.15 per word. Read their recent publications as well as submission guidelines before pitching the editor.

Homepage. Submit.


28. Unveiled Wife

Unveiled Wife shares real life stories and experiences to encourage other Christian wives who subscribe to this publication. They need a draft from a freelance contributor before considering the submitted article for publication.

Homepage. Submit.


29. Devozine

Devozine Magazine has two issues per month and is focused on Christian growth. You can share meditations, devotions, and/or weekend features. Read and abide by the magazine’s submission guidelines. They pay $ 25 for meditations and $ 100 for the weekend features.

Homepage. Submit.


30. A Diligent Heart

After reading their recent posts and seen what kind of articles they publish, read their submission guidelines to familiarize with their do’s and don’ts. Write a high quality unique article and send it to the editor via email.

Homepage. Submit. Email.


31. Pockets Magazine

This publications is for children between eight to twelve years old. It shares practical guides and stories about children who stood for God, as well as those who evangelized actively. They also share profiles of notable Christian figures who stand out as inspirational figures. Payment for accepted articles is $ 0.14 per word.

Homepage. Submit.


32. The Christian Courier

This bi-publication publishes stories or reformation and accept stories in three categories including news, opinion, and features. Read their recent publications to get the gist of what they expect from freelance contributors. They pay between $ 40 and $ 70 per article depending on its length.

Homepage. Submit.


33. Boundless

After reading their guest submission guidelines, write a few relevant samples and email them to the editor when pitching your guest post idea(s). Include a link to your blog.

Homepage. Submit.


34. Touchstone

This publication targets the professionals who profess Protestantism, Catholicism, and Coptic Orthodox faith. Read their recent publication to find out what they are looking for in their Features. They pay $125 for a published article.

Homepage. Submit.


35. To Love Honor and Vacuum

They are looking for guest posts touching on marriage and parenting. Your guest post must have a strong grounding on faith, otherwise it will not be accepted. They may edit accepted articles to meet the objectives of the publication.

Homepage. Submit. Email.


36. Satisfaction Through Christ

You should be a regular reader of this blog for a better chance of being accepted as a guest contributor. Understand their mission and faith statement before you start writing. Pick a topic from the provided list and write an article that conforms to the provided submissions guidelines.

Homepage. Submit.


37. Bible Advocate Online

Publishes articles on a variety of topics including book studies, personal testimony, current social issues, religion, etc. They believe in Christian living after the doctrine of the Seventh Day Church of God.

Depending on the article length, they pay from $25 to $55. You can submit for both digital and print editions.

Homepage. Submit.



Do not wait to start your guest posting tomorrow. Take action now. Start with these low hanging fruits as you work your muscles into higher ranks.

Did I miss your favorite Christian publication? Please let me know in the comments.

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