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Who doesn't like gadgets? They improve the quality of our lives by enabling us to do things faster and better. Finding the best gear for your needs will surely make you more feel more fulfilled. Whether you are looking for doodads for securing your premise, a toolbox to nurture your DIY skills or outdoor equipment for your physical exercise, you can find everything here (some of which you haven't even seen yet!).

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LaCie Rugged 2TB SSD

This extreme IP67-rated water resistant high speed NVMe SSD (up to 1050MB/s) is also dust-resista...


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Discreet Pen Pepper Spray

Impressive 8-foot (2M) range; .36 oz with 15 bursts in a powerful cone delivery that provides gre...


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Insta360 ONE RS 1-Inch Edit...

The ultimate creative tool. Easily capture impossible shots with 6K 360-degree capture, the invis...


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