Art & Design Blogs & Magazines That Accept Guest Posts & Pay Writers

This post highlights a list of art and design blogs and magazines that accept guest posts and pay for the submissions. Getting published in any one of the outlets will help you display your work before a targeted audience that has already shown interest in art. This is the opportunity for you to strategically put yourself in front of potential clients.

Furthermore, you will have an opportunity to work with amazing editors who will help you to improve the quality of your writing. Follow the provided links to submit your article to the blog/magazine of your choice. Read their blog and submission guidelines to familiarize with their style then send your query/article to the editor.

1. First American Art Magazine

Payment: They pay $0.16 per word.

This magazine publishes articles that feature artists, reports, reviews, reports and advice. Your article should be critical and aim to make academic scripts relevant to the general public.

Read the blog to familiarize with the tone and style before writing your article. You have higher chances of success if you are an established artist/expert.

2. Design Milk

Payment: Inquire from the editor.

Read the blog under the arts category to see what kind of articles they publish. Use the recent publications to inspire your article idea, which you will write according to their guidelines. Send your submission to the editor for review.

3. Smashing Magazine

Payment: Negotiable depending on complexity and quality of work.

This magazine caters to the needs of web developers and designers. If you have an interest in this field, you can share your tips and advice with the readers of this community. Read the blog to familiarize with their tone and style before you write your article.

4. HowDesign

Payment: They pay up to $800 per article.

A magazine dedicated to graphic designers and shares stories about the industry and the business environment. They are actively looking for freelance submissions since at least three quarters of the content on the site come from freelancers.

You can send a complete manuscript or a query; they do not discriminate any form of submission, unsolicited or not. Read the blog to familiarize with their style and tone.

5. Ceramics Monthly

Payment: $0.10 per word and $250 flat rate for Techno File & Glaze articles.

This is the publication that covers all articles related to clay and ceramic art. The magazine is very wide with many sub-categories that need submissions. Ensure your article falls under the most appropriate category and then shoot your pitch to the editor.

6. Western Art & Architecture

Payment: Negotiable, though they pay $0.50 per word on average and up to $500 per published photograph.

This magazine covers art from the Western lifestyle perspective. It is read by collectors, architects, designers, gallery operators, and patrons.

The photography emphasizes American obsession with the Western lifestyle and trends. They are looking for introspective writers and photographers to submit content with a strong sense of place and time.

7. Artlink

Payment: AUD 0.35 per word (about $0.26 per word).

Artlink is a quarterly publication for the Asia-Pacific region and covers contemporary art stories. Read the blog under the recent and most popular categories to see what is trending. Develop your article idea and pitch the editor.

8. Art Papers

Payment: Inquire from the editor upon pitching.

ART PAPERS publishes content about contemporary art in form of guides and tutorials, features, reviews and retrospective.

You can write about certain trends in the art industry or feature specific works. However, they detest any piece of work that has any form of conflict of interest. This could include writing a review about a gallery that displays your work or writing a feature about an artist with whom you have personal or financial relationship.

9. AfterImageOnline

Payment: they pay $0.05 per word (up to $300 for features, $150 for essays, and $100 for other categories).

Afterimage publishes articles about visual arts, video, audio, media studies, visual and cultural studies, and related niches. You can do essays, reports, features, news briefs, double exposure, and even historical shots in arts. Read past publications to familiarize with the magazine’s tone and style.

10. Colossal

Payment: Inquire from the editor.

Colossal publishes articles about visual art, painting, sculpture, collage, painting, etc. They also accept image submissions (should include a brief description and personal views). Read the publication to get the gist of what the editor expects. Send your pitch when you are ready.

11. This Blog Rules

Payment: Negotiable.

This blog is accepting submissions from anyone who can write. They prefer stories that have a humorous twist.

This blog has several categories of which art is a part. Scroll through the art category to find out which story has been published to avoid duplication. Read the blog to familiarize with their style before sending your submission to the editor for review.

12. The Polymer Arts Magazine

Payment: $0.05 to $0.10 per word.

This magazine shares articles about polymer clay art and artists, collectors, galleries, collectors and any other information that will encourage artists in this niche. You can share features, news, tips, tutorials, and many other types of articles listed under the editorial guidelines.

13. Beautiful.Bizarre

Payment: Credit and links.

This blog is looking for local artists to share their stories. If you can conduct an interview with a local artist, then this blog needs you.

Share your stories about the recent art exhibition you attended and the interesting things you experienced there. Read the blog to familiarize yourself with their style and tone.

14. Art Promotivate

Payment: Not clear. Inquire from the editor when you send your pitch

This publication publishes articles that are not only informative but also unique in approach. Read the blog to familiarize with the style and tone of the blog. Aim to be helpful to the readers of the blog. Follow their instructions before submitting your article for review.

15. Arch Daily

Payment: Inquire from the editor when you pitch.

They publish architectural pieces and articles. Read the blog to familiarize with their style before sending your work. Use Dropbox or Google Drive to attach files. This will speed up the review process and expedite feedback on your submission.

16. Artblog

Payment: Inquire from the editor when you send your pitch.

Artblog welcomes both seasoned and amateur artists to join their rapidly growing community. They have created an opportunity for artists to share their stories about art on this channel. You will have the opportunity to join their discussions and get the chance to volunteer to their courses.

17. Contemporist

Payment: Inquire from the editor.

If you have an interesting piece of contemporary artwork you would love to show case, pitch the editor of Contemporist with your art and design work.

They publish articles and pieces of art about design, interior décor, and architecture. Send images via Dropbox or Firefox Send for review.

18. Pyragraph

Payment: $25 flat rate.

Pyragraph welcomes artists to submit articles about creative art, tips and tricks, tutorials, edutorials, among many other pieces listed on their editorial page. Read the blog to get an idea about what you should write.

19. Communication Arts

Payment: Competitive and negotiable.

This publication publishes educative art pieces and articles. You should aim to enlighten the readership through your submission. They require three published samples when you send in your pitch, which they will use to evaluate the quality of your writing.

20. Jaz Jaz

Payment: Inquire from the editor when you send your pitch.

JazJaz art is welcoming submissions of good quality artwork images from artists. They require that every image submitted should have a little description and your thoughts about it. The editor will review your work and publish it if it meets their quality requirements.

21. The Abundant Artist

Payment: $150-$300.

This blog publishes articles about tips and tricks about promoting the art business both online and offline.

They will reject any article that has the sole intention to build up links with little or no regard to adding value to the community. Read the blog to familiarize with the style and tone before shooting your article idea to the editor.

22. EmptyEasel

Payment: Inquire from the editor when you send your pitch.

Read this blog to familiarize with the tone and style. Read the recent posts to get an idea about what the readers love to read. You can write about pencil art, watercolor art, oil painting, among other forms of art. They do not have elaborate submission guidelines.

23. Hongkiat

Payment: Inquire from the editor when you send your pitch.

Hongkiat publishes design pieces, which is relevant to UX designers. You must submit high quality original pieces that meet the site’s high standards.

The editorial team reviews all submissions to ensure that they meet the laid guidelines. Read their publication policy before you submit any article.

24. Yanko Design

Payment: Inquire from the editor when you send your pitch.

This publication is dedicated to helping the young designers sharpen their skills. You are invited to submit your article that will help them achieve that objective.

They have outlined what they require from you and what they expect you to do. Read and abide by their guidelines for a successful guest posting opportunity.


Believing that this list will make your work of finding paid gig opportunities in the art and design niche, go out there and make an impact. You can also join our community and share the snippets of your journey with our community members. You never know how much of an inspiration that can be.

All the best.

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